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CONGRATULATIONS to Phil Keegan on becoming the first winner of the 'What time is Keith in?' prize. On Sunday Phil correctly predicted Keith's arrival at 17:54 and picked up over 150.00 - bastard.

Keith Nicklin is a regular visitor to the pub. So regular in fact that we have decided to hold a daily sweepstake to ascertain at what time he will arrive each evening.

So, if you feel lucky or have studied the form, come down to the office before 7:00 p.m. and enter the sweepstake. It costs 1 euro per bet and you need to get the exact time (by the minute; i.e. 7.48 p.m. = 7.48.00 - 7.48.59) to win the pot. If you win you MUST buy Keith 2 large beers - that is non-negotiable. There is a maximum of 3 bets per person per night. We go by the clock on the pub laptop. A rollover system will operate if nobody wins.

Nobody may interfere with Keith in any way prior to his arrival. Cheats must double the pot. The judge's decision (Peter if he is here, otherwise any other staff member) is final.

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