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Name: Adrian James Millward-Sadler
Nickame: Ade (pronounced 'Adie'; also 'Andrei')
Nationality: English (Southampton)
Occupation: Quizmaster (and English Teacher)
Marital status: Married to Cameron and Clara
Lived and worked in: Australia, England, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, Austria (Gösting)
Favourite footy teams: Southampton F.C. (Championship); F.C. Sachsen (Leipzig, non-league); Zenit St.Petersburg (Russia); 49ers (US footy)
Top-5 film: Where Eagles Dare
Top-5 band: Pink Floyd
Top-5 book: Perfume by Patrick Süskind
Top 5 place: Lake Tahoe, California
Favourite beverage: BEER
Favourite quiz round: All of them
Favourite quiz question: The one about Adam West (Batman) where the answer was in the question but hardly anyone got it
Favourite quiz moment: The moment (to come) when Audrey or Jo dance on the bar
Pet hates: Quiz teams that change their name; Austrian drivers; mobile phones (particularly mine); Bulgarian roads
Other interests: Skiing, cricket and badminton. Learning how to renovate my new flat. The psychology of the quizee (why are they such masochists?)
Other facts: Once swam with sharks in Australia (but they were only about 4 inches long); founded Graz Cricket Club with Dr Johnson; played pigs non-stop for the entire Weinstrasse trip in 2004; got ridiculously pissed at the 2005 event

Adrian puts in a stack of effort in to make the quiz what it is - the best Tuesday night to be had in Graz. Please feel free to buy him a beer or two....

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